Glute Camp


This female only class is focused to target your glutes and legs with weight lifting, pylometrics, and practicing proper form!

Phase 1: Learn Form, Strengthen the core to perform heavier lifts, and learn the fundamentals.

Phased 2: Let's put the legs to work! We will start doing more weight and challenge ourselves here.


Phase 3: Heavy lifts and the ultimate booty burn. We are ready to get those glutes growing! 

How do I sign up?

Every workout will be held at my studio on Monday's at 5:00pm. Make sure to click on the drop in link and book the day!

Start Date: February 4th - April 22nd

Time: Monday's 5pm

Make sure to sign up to reserve your spot!

My Story


Naturally Skinny?
People assume naturally skinny is such an amazing thing...well it does have it perks until you learn the back story. Growing up I was extremely thin to the point I would cry because nothing fit and boys always made fun of me. When I was 8 years old this boy screamed I was anorexic in front of the entire class. Let’s just say I remember this day very vivid and the boys first and last name.
We think that making fun of people when they are thin is ok because they don’t have weight problems but in reality we don’t realize this person may not be happy being thin.



Growing up I ate like a horse and this I do not exaggerate. But having body issues at that age was brought on by people making fun of me. It was not until after I graduated high school and finished my degree in Nutrition that I was able to study the science and physiology behind food.


I learned everything necessary for healthy weight gain along with sports nutrition. I was able to apply this to my personal nutrition goals and gained weight to my standards.-I look back and wish I could have told my younger self that it is ok to have flaws. One day you will become a personal trainer and can help others go through the same issues you once lived.👊


Now it's your turn!

Once you purchase your drop-in spot it will prompt you to the schedule to book your spot for that day. Every Monday at 5pm!