Top 5 Healthy Places to Eat in Denver

I am always on the hunt to find places to eat in Denver that are healthy, convenient, and reasonably priced. Sometimes it can be a struggle in some Denver areas, but for the most part there are a lot of great places to find nutritious meals. With #1 being the best (in my opinion) here are the Top 5 Best Healthy places to eat in Denver:

#5 – True Food Kitchen

Located in the heart of Cherry Creek True Food is known for its vegan and vegetarian options. This place has very natural ingredients and focuses on vegetables and complex carbohydrate sources. You can also order meat here but it does cost extra for some of the dishes. If your looking for fine dining that will keep your nutrition clean this is the place to go.

#4 – Protein Bar

Whenever I am in Downtown Denver, for work, Protein Bar is my go-to spot. They have a large variety of options to choose from and have customizable options. The prices are affordable and makes for a great place to have lunch. My favorite here is the Chili…so delicious.

#3 – Tokyo Joes

The environment of Tokyo Joes is very unique, clean, and inviting. They have several locations so not matter where you are you should be able to find one. The options are Japanese inspired but they also specialize in customizable bowls full of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrate sources. This is a great spot for business lunches or to take the family.

#2 – Mod Market

With a modern setting, you also get to view your food being cooked and your salads being prepared. Mod Market has some of the most delicious food choices with unique and fresh ingredients. The flavors are bold and they display the calories on the receipt. The employees are always happy and the experience is memorable.

#1 – EAT Fit Go

My number one choice has always been eat fit go because of the convenience factor. When I am busy during the week and have no time to prepare food or even go grab lunch, EFG is the best option. Why? All of the meals are prepared to pickup and take to your home or office. They have a large variety of foods to choose from and the meals taste amazing.

Next time you are out looking for a healthy place to eat, that also tastes amazing, try one of these top 5 places!