Eat Out and Still Lose Weight

Do you like eating out or have such a hectic life that you only eat out? Well this article is for you. I have so many clients that eat out but still work towards their fitness goals. Heck I love eating out! But you need to make sure you are not accidentally packing on extra pounds because of it.

Here are 4 simple ways to cut those calories at restaurants:

1. How is your food prepared?

I always look for foods that are grilled, steamed or broiled. This is for all meats and vegetable dishes. For example: if I go out to Baker's Street, I will order the grilled chicken, sweet potato fries and green beans. I ask them to not add butter to the green beans (most restaurants love to sauté vegetables in butter). Try to avoid an entire dish that is deep fried or or heavily sauced.

2. Portion control.

Have you ever been to Cheesecake Factory? Well their portion sizes could feed me for a week. If you do get a larger plate, eat half of the food and save the rest for later. (BTW I always order the steak medallions there. It's lower in calories and packed full of protein).

3. Watch your alcohol intake.

When you have 2-3 drinks more then once a week at a restaurant you are packing an extra 300-700 calories onto your meal. One glass of wine won't hurt, but after appetizers, drinks, entree, and dessert this could be a meal of up to 2000 calories. Moderation is key!

4. Substitute.

Don't be afraid to substitute your sides for vegetables or a small salad. If your meal comes with fries and mashed potatoes, switch up one of the carbs for a vegetable. This will save you some calories and help you resist eating all of what is in front of you.

Choosing healthier options will save you added inches of weight gain, but will also help you develop a better relationship to food and deprivation!