Should I do the Keto diet if I want to lose weight?

The Keto diet is a diet where you consume high fats and proteins with low to little carbohydrates. This has been a huge trend lately where people are losing weight and there are various reasons why. When you consume a higher fat diet you will feel full faster for longer. This suppresses appetite and cravings. Also when carbohydrates are removed from the diet, “water weight” is decreased because carbs retain water in our bodies. Though this may work wonders for many and does have some benefits for people with seizures, insulin resistance, and fatigue, the average person who wants to lose weight may want to ask themselves these questions before starting this diet.

  1. Do you like donuts?

  2. Do you like French fries?

  3. Do you enjoy beer?

I hope you see my trend with these questions. And although these are seen as “unhealthy” foods these are still foods that can be eaten when you are trying to lose weight (but has to be done correctly or can be a disaster). But back to my main point…if you are not willing to give up all of your favorite foods then this is not a sustainable diet or lifestyle. This is my opinion about the Keto Diet based off my nutrition background, working with hundreds of people, and human behavior.

The biggest thing I see with people’s success in weight loss is being able to stick with something everyday, not just a season. This includes not restricting foods and making all meals enjoyable with variety. I witness too many people who go on an unrealistic diet only to yo-yo so bad that they end up gaining more weight then where they originally started. This is something to think about when starting any “diet”. If you love carbs way too much to think of doing Keto…well that makes two of us.